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93 grand jeep cherokee V6 engine.

my 93 grand jeep cherokee links transmission fluid.

It looks like the link is coming from the front of the car near the radiator on the drivers side. what might be some places where the link could be coming from?

Also I notice that there is a pull on the engine when sifting from 1st to 2nd gear.

Can you tell me where I might get a diagram of the lower part of the car


posted by  ppjeep93

I assume that by "link" you mean to say "leak"... :) If so, a transmission fluid leak near the radiator is most likely from the transmission oil cooler or one of its lines. Bear in mind that "transmission fluid" is often used in other systems -- e.g. the power steering -- and that a leak near the front of the vehicle on the driver's side could well be from the power steering system. Note too that some vehicles actually have coolers for the power steering system as well...

You need to verify which system is leaking.

As to the "pull on the engine when sifting from 1st to 2nd gear" -- do you mean to say that the engine itself actually jumps in place at this shift? If so, look for a worn, loose, or broken motor mount. If you mean something else, you will need to explain the problem more concisely if you want any meaningful help with it. :)

posted by  cpprioli

Had you shifted into 4 wheel drive lately? Did the oil smell burnt? Does the oil seem to be coming out of a rubber tube that comes up from the front transaxle and loops back down. This would be the breather tube for the front transaxle! It sounds like this is where you indicated you saw the leak. This would be on the drivers side wheel housing, in under the hood, right above the steering shaft unit shield. With the power steering pump just above it.

If it is how I just described you have a posible bearing problem in your front transaxle. A burnt oil smell would be overwhelming if it overheated. Lacking a that smell still indicates it as coming from the breather tube which can get blocked and then the released pressure can cause some oil leakage from this point. Of course check all your fluid levels and clean the area to see if any further leakeage occurs.

Barring this posibility and with the pulling while shifting would indicate a bearing on it's way out, which would account for the overheated transaxle oil leak. You can confirm this by jacking the vehicle up and with it properly secured shaking on each shaft coming out of the case. If one is loose then you know you have a bearing problem in that wheel.

Next you could check the oil level and at the same time smell test the oil. You could drain the oil even if it is not related to an overheated situation. Another words change the oil out in the transaxle. Naturally your going to check all your fluid levels like transmission, engine, power steering, and brakes at the same time. But when pulling the plug from the front transaxle, check to see if any metal filings come out in the saved oil (keep a sample for mechanic) or if any are attached to the magnetic plug itself. If there is, you know for sure that you have a bearing going out and must take it in without delay for repair.

Whatever you do don't shift into 4 wheel drive or you could lock it up and have even more expensive repairs to contend with. Changing the oil is not going to fix the problem and you will have just confirmed that it is more than likely a bearing problem, so be careful. But it has bought you time to decide what you need to do. When you do take it in to have a mechanic look at it you'll be better prepared to face the music with the money you'll need to fix it, and better informed to respond to his diagnosis.

posted by  kroneage

RE the above post.

STOP! Cease and desist now. No matter how well intentioned your post may be, when you post crap for information, the post is still crap, and therefore pointless. Think about these facts;

1. This thread is almost 11 months old. I'd be willing to bet by now that the problem has either been fixed, it's still being driven with a leak or the vehicle has ben totaled. Either way, it doesn't really matter because the original poster doesn't seem to be interested in coming back.

2. I have substantial experience working on '93 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Every one of them has a transmission and a rear drive axle. Some of them (4WD models) even have a transer case and a front drive axle. But none of them have a transaxle. As a matter of fact, I can't think of a Jeep brand vehicle that has ever been produced with a transaxle. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

3. How can you give intelligent repair advice without complete information about the vehicle? We don't know, because the person didn't offer, if the vehicle is 2WD or 4WD or automatic or manual transmission which are pretty important things to know in this case. What we do know is that they're confused about there own vehicle... Jeep never made a '93 Grand Cherokee with a V6.

It's hard enough to give people good repair advice online when you can't see, touch or hear their vehicle. It's even harder when people like you jump in the middle and throw out a bunch of misleading or incorrect "information”. Think, type, submit

posted by  vwhobo

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