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My girlfriend drives (actually watches it in the driveway) a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. We have recently had the headgasket resurfaced because it kept overheating and had a severe coolant leak. She drove it for about a week, then had to take it in because it kept cutting off while she was driving it. Right now, I can't recall what was repaired, but evidently the shop that repaired the headgasket reassembled everything wrong, causing a wire to be cut by the rad fan. Anyhow, now the coolant level light is constantly on, but fluid levels remain the same. BTW, the car has been sitting, because she fears the engine could overheat although the gauge doesn't raise any higher than halfway. I believe the coolant sensor might be the problem. Regarding the water pump. I have done only one test and that is the "grab the upper radiator hose" and feel for pressure, which there isn't any. The manual for my 96 Chevy chyenne indicates this could be a faulty water pump. Also, there is this ungodly squeal, that I don't think is just the belts, since the sound just started happening. Can somebody please help? I am relatively new to all this, but am tired of paying through the nose for something I can most likely do myself.

posted by  95MitsfrmH*LL

How do you repair and resurface a headgasket?

posted by  DodgeRida67

I use super glue and sandpaper.

posted by  vwhobo

and here i was thinking it was cheap enough to go out and buy a new one

posted by  joshf2

I thought I was charged too much :evil: Anyway, I am sure you guys know I meant the head itself...Thanks for the "help"

Anybody else care to give this a shot...I'm sure it's not that hard, I would just rather not throw parts at the car, if you know what I mean. For the most part, everyone seems pretty helpful, which is why I posted here. Did I make a mistake?

posted by  95MitsfrmH*LL

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