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Ok so I have a 1953 International Pickup truck in the garage. I intend to fix it up, but I have no idea how or where to start. Should I start with the body, ort the mechanical/electrical side? And should I look for a book to guide me through the process, because im fairly clueless when it comes to restoring vehicles.

posted by  happycamper2233

You would be a lot better off just selling it. Who would want a 53I. How much do you want for that old truck?

posted by  lectroid

Sounds like somebody may be interested in it.

Well, you need to decide how far you want to go with it. Do you want to strip it down completely, fix the problems, and then put it back together. Or do you just want to patch it up, paint it, and enjoy?

It also depends on if you are going to do all the work yourself or if you are going to farm some of it out. Plus, how much money do you have? Time = money in car restoration.

If you are fresh at this, then I definately suggest you pick up some books. Google up car restoration and see what is out there. There may be something similiar to what you are working on.

posted by  theman352001

Sorry, Im not interested in sellin git, besides its technically not mine to sell(its my dads). Anyways, I think I should start with the body, but I honestly have no idea where to or how to fix it(its quite rusty)

Edit: By books, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean I should buy the owners manual for the truck, or what?(Sorry for being quite ignorant)

posted by  happycamper2233

I also have a 1953 International pickup and plan to rebuild it.
Unfortunately, rust never sleeps so for me the body work will be first as far as taking care of the rust. I'm not talking paint work, that will be one of the last jobs. How you approach your project will depend on the area and storage space you have available and also how far you wish to go with the restoration ie: total strip down and start from scratch as I'm doing.
Cheers and good luck

posted by  Jaadle63

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