AntiFreeze Leak on 1998 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC Highline

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Hi guys, i need some major help. Here recently my car has had a Antifreeze leak coming from the passenger side of the car, i can't see where its coming from, but its leaking from bottom of the oilpan upward to where the leak car isn't running hot or anything, the cooling fans are running like they are supposed to, just everytime i stop to park the car, leaks become immediate...i don't really know if the Water Pump is leaking or its just a bad hose somewhere, someone told me it might have been a Freeze Plug, but not sure. But yes i drive the car and it never overheats, please help me on this struggling situation im in.


posted by  SoaringEagle28

Well, it could be the water pump, a bad hose somewhere or it might be a freeze plug. Then again it might not be any of those things. :banghead:

The crystal ball is down today and you have not provided anywhere near enough info for someone to make an educated guess. Start here and try again.

posted by  vwhobo

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