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I have a new Nissan Titan that I have had for less than 3 months. I noticed 3 small rock chips in the paint on the hood in different spots. 2 of them are in the front near the grill and one is up higher. The one that is up higher concerns me because it is really deep and i need to get it fixed because it's almost to the bare metal. Can i take it somewhere and have them fix these few spots without having them repaint the entire hood? How much does something like that cost? I'm nervous becuase I want the paint to match but have read that they can use the color code on a sticker from the factory and match.

I'm really mad at the truck that spewed gravel out on me on the highway. A rock almost cracked my windsheild as well.

posted by  poprockgrrl

Paint chips are quick easy and cheap to fix!
The parts department at the Car dealership where you bought your(Very nice truck)-sells "paint touch-up sticks"-$5-8 each color.
You'll need your color code:(found on a white sticker in the glove box,or inside edge of drivers door)-If you can't find it,just write down the V.I.N.#at the bottom right of windsheild and tell it to the parts counter person who'll look it up on the computer.
Once you have your touch-up paint,clean the surface area of the paint chips.
Shake the paint stick for 30 seconds,and dip the tiny brush into paint and put the smallest possible amount onto brush.Steady your hand so as not to shake,and gently touch(make contact)-not brush,using the smallest edge of brush possible.You want to dab inside the chip to fill it.(the paint sinks,and settles once dry)Re-apply again untill the chip is filled up enough to be level with the rest of the surface.
Or if the Dealership has a clean-up /detail department -Ask them if they could do it -if you supply the paint stick.(It only takes a few minutes to do)And should'nt cost any more than $10.
I have worked for years as a Detail Department Manager,so I have filled-in paint chips many times.
You would'nt need to repaint the whole hood unless you had "hundreds of chips".
Nissan sells some pretty "stylin" Bug deflectors/hood protectors -that might be an option for the future protection of your truck.
Hope the Info helps.Nick.

posted by  Nicktheguy

I just found a new product. I tried it and it really works. They even show you where to look for your paint code. Look at [URL=
it worked for my blazer.

posted by  mrchips

Just use nail polish, works perfect :wink2:

posted by  jarvisx2000

buff and wax works nice and is always an option but it may be a little more than you are looking to spend.

posted by  vette2004

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