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Hey all, I'm new to car engine matience and stuff, and I was wondering what car has a simple engine for a first time newb to take apart and rebuild to learn about cars... THere are a few rx-7's in my area for under 300, I know it has the rotary but I was wondering of those are easy to work on? esp. for newbs, I wouldnt do this by myself, I'd get my neighbor to help me, he has taken apart many engines and rebuilt them. Thanks, just wanna know what a simple engine is to take apart :)

posted by  Conc3pt

I don't think a rotary is the place to start. There are alot of cars that come to mind, more than I can name. Any Ford product with a 2.3 (Mustang, Pinto, Ranger, etc), older Geo's and Suzuki's (same thing), any air-cooled and early water-cooled VW's, the list goes on and on.

Very honestly all reciprocating engines are about the same, it's the access to the engine that makes most of the difference. And for a beginner I would steer away from DOHC engines as well until you have more experience. It also depends on what kind of car floats your boat. If you're going to rebuild it you might as well enjoy it when you're done.

posted by  vwhobo

the first engine i re-built was a 22ret for my celica. i had a blast. "really simple.

posted by  (o) (o)

Modified rotaries are a never ending money pit. Easy to do up tho.

posted by  57ock

I find the older cars easier to work on myself. you know....the ones without fuel Injection. first engine i rebuilt was a 455 Olds Rocket out of a 71 Olds Delta 88. fun.

posted by  Satty101

Please enlighten me and explain why cars without fuel injection are easier to work on.

posted by  vwhobo

um...carb? ;)

posted by  stueck420

I said IMO, they're easier to work on. for one, less crowded (normally), carb, and the air filter is right there. you dont have to dig around for it. like on my mom's Saab or my sister's Cutlass.

posted by  Satty101

easy engines to pull apart and rebuild are things like minis, fords, rovers. i mean im only 16 and im working on my level 1 NVQ for motor vehicle repair and ive had to pull motors apart and rebuild them. i started on with a volvo and then i worked on a range rover

posted by  steve_mech

I say that a VERY easy engine to rebuild or work on is a Fiat 126p.Though it matters if these cars drive around where you live.

posted by  vwmaniac

It certianly does, especially if you're trying to work on it while it's moving. 8O The 126P wasn't imported to the states.

posted by  vwhobo

I know that they weren't improted to the States though I don't know where con3ept is from.What did you mean about working on it while it's moving? :D

posted by  vwmaniac

Read your post that I was responding to and put the two of them together with a little (very little) sick humor.

posted by  vwhobo

i personally am working on an AMC 304 cubic inch v8 engine, out of a 1977 International Scout II. The first engine i rebuilt was a fuel injected 350 in my auto shop class.

posted by  vanyaviper

Ah,I see.Lol.Pretty lame but hey! :D

posted by  vwmaniac

hey dont the Rotary engine have only three moving parts lol, I think Fords are the easiest engines to rebuild although if your from the UK Vauxhall or Opels are very easy too! :D

posted by  Cliffy

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