Starting a new job soon and I can't open my car door!

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I live in a pretty cold and snowy state and this is my first winter with a car so I'm not sure what to do about this. (warning: I don't know any real car parts/terms, so you'll have to figure out what I mean by "the know...that thingy." lol I'll try my best!)

I have an 89 Pontiac Lemans and there's something wrong with the driver's door. First, the temperature dropped a few weeks ago and it froze shut (luckily I didn't have anywhere to go!) My dad got it open from the inside but then it wouldn't catch when we tried to shut it and then 5 minutes later we shut it and it stayed shut (weird) THEN... I figured out that I can fix it from the inside if it's not catching, I just push the latch thing on the door all the way down, then I pull the inside handle and it pops up and it will start catching again. However, I still can't open it from the outside. It feels like it's locked because there's no "click" when you pull the handle all the way up. It feels like something is disconnected but I don't know.

My dad says he can take apart the panel on the inside and maybe fix it. What do you guys think? Should I let him try (is it possible to fix this yourself?) or does it just need WD40 or should I take it in and pay money for mechanics to fix it? (and be overcharged and have to go back 2 weeks later because they did a crappy job)

I hope you guys inderstood what I'm talking about and I hope this isn't a repeat question (I searched through a few pages to see if someone had already posted this question but I didn't see anything)

Any suggestions would help, Thanks a lot!


posted by  Brittany

well first of all you cant assume every mechanic is trying to rip you off, going into a shop with that attitdue gets you no where fast, if you wanna save a bit of money let dad do it, in the end you usually pay more if dad doesn't really know what he has got himself into, one of the door levers or rods might be siezed, or the latch or even the lock, i would say have a shop look at it for you but try to establish a better relationship other than"he's going to rip me off"

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

IDk i think that dad would be able to fix something like a locking door

just if anything in the engine breaks go to shop usually doors and console problems dads can fix. BUT FOR CHRISTS SAKES DO NOT LET DADS TOUCH RADIATORS

(I asked my dad to change my hoses for me for 10 bucks while i was at work and it ended up costing me new radiator hoses and a carb rebuild becuase he got antifreese in it and it like died i guess.....)

posted by  MonteMan

In my experience, pulling apart doors to check/change linkages etc is pretty easy .... and if he pulls the door apart and then can't see any problem, don't just start pulling on stuff.

It may be as simple as the cold shortened one of the linkages (ie the external handle one) sufficiently for it to disconnect or break.

I'd let him have a crack before taking it into the shop.

posted by  windsonian

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