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My girlfriend has this toyota and everytime that we are driving in the rain the car seems to lose power but at the same time the sound of the motor gets louder. No matter how much you push the gas it does not seem to gain any more power. it feels almost like you are running out of gas, except for the loud noise that is coming from under the car

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check the spark plugs and spark plug cables, sounds like they are getting wet

posted by  monteofdoom

i agree to check your spark plugsbe cause when i gave my motor a clean and i got a corolla 2 it was full of water and had no grunt but the motor had more reves. my mates got a corolla and he has got spark plug leads wich go over the spark plug hole

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thanks I will try that!

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You might as well do the full tune up. This is fairly easy to do yourself.

Also auto part store sell this silicone spray for electric wires that should make your electric wires waterproof. I would spray that over all the electric wires and the distributor cap. That should make a big difference. Just don't spray on electrical parts, just the wires and distributor cap.

Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Distributor cap
Rotor (inside the distributor cap)

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Is it a stick or an automatic?

posted by  FreddieVee

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