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Anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this problem.

1994 Ford Ranger, 2.3L, 5 spd manual trans, with ABS on back wheels.

Upon starting the vehicle the brake warning light and the ABS light come on and then go out.. the first time the brakes are applied both the brake warning light(red) and the ABS light (amber) come on and stay on until the vehicle is shut off.

The brake fluid level is full and it has new brake pads, wheel bearings and rotors.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


posted by  SLPD8295

The "Anti-Lock Brakes" Indicator receives a ground from the RABS Module when there is a fault in the system. The lamp will stay ON until the fault is corrected.and the other brake light will come on when either park brake applied or fluid level is low, if it's not the level, test the switch, but if your abs light is on then there is a problem in the abs system and you have to get the codes off the abs module to pinpoint the fault location

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

The ABS computer may need to be checked out as well. In the meantime drive as though you didn't have the ABS (not that ABS should have to take over on normal conditions).

posted by  info2x

No good way to diagnose these systems only hold one code in system at a time you have to fix first problem drive it and then move on to next problem may just be rear speed sensor in axle, cheap and easy to replace but no guarantees

posted by  Rhino77_99

I bought this tIruck and they informed me that they had just replaced the master cylinder and I noticed when I test drove it that the abs light was on. I had it tested and I was told that my porportioning valve assembly switch had to be replaced, so I replaced it and bleed my brakes and still the light is on.. Help any suggestions on this issue...

need help   25 Sep 2012 03:07

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