1989 piece-of-junk mazda 626!!!

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This horrid thing starts,gets to 2000rpms and then dies. restarts and then dies. restarts and then dies. see the problem? I was able to quickly throw it into gear and go about 10feet before it stalled and then restart again quickly in neutral and repeat the whole process. I did this for 4 miles to get my daughter to school!!! what the heck is wrong with this thing?! I have to go get her in 3 hours!! thanks :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  kamella

my caprice had this prob, we junked it. but all the best mechanics in ohio said that it was problably the torque converter/tranny.

one very smary man from marion said that the tranny is most likly tring to put the car in drive and reverse at the same time

posted by  monteofdoom

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