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i recently bought an amp for my fiesta (1993 Ford Fiesta 1.1L), after reading a couple of cuides i thought i had it sussed, i wired it up fine no probs, remote and phono leads to back of head unit, bridged connections to the sub, earth conn to the boot floor, etc...

BUT, when i went to drill the hole for my power cable to get to the battery, i drilled in the worst place i could, i knocked out all interior lights, head unit didnt work, speedo lights didnt work, clock was dud, everything, and the was kangarooing around everywhere and in a 30 min drive, stalled 8 times :doh:

but i got that sorted, all back to normal after alot of sweat and my trusty wire cutters and soldering iron..

SO, does anyone know of a decent place to drill a hole for the power cable on a ford fiesta :(

sorry to drag on for a long time, its just that i spent alot of money on this setup and its buggin me,

(wire-shredder) Simpo :wink2:

posted by  Simpo

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