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Hi, I recently drove my car (97 Intrepid) from Brooklyn to Buffalo, NY. I've only had the car up here for about 2 weeks and now the car won't start. I'm going to try to describe the problem as best I can. But I know next to nothing about cars so I don't know how good a job I can do.

When I turn the ignition on, nothing happens. The engine doesn't even try to turn over. No noise at all. The headlights won't turn on either.

I'm assuming that it's not a problem with the battery as it is practically new (I got it the week before I drove up). Also, everything else in the car seems to work... interior lights, clock, radio.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

posted by  AshiRyugin

Why do you have a new battery? Just because you have a new battery doesn't mean the alternator has been charging it. If you are by yourself, you will need some help.You will have to have the battery and alternator tested. They test them free at many auto parts stores /advance/autozone/Napa/I think K-mart. Thing is you have to take the car or the part in.

posted by  lectroid

Well.... would all the interior lights, clock, and radio work if the battery was dead? I don't really know anything about cars, but I find that to be unlikely. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

posted by  AshiRyugin

My apologies... I found out that the headlights and starter need more amps to use than everything else. Somebody was telling to check out the belt and to do something about solinoid on the positive connection wire. Does anybody know how to do either?

posted by  AshiRyugin

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