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Hello everyone,
I'm Jorge from Lafayette, LA. and I hope everyone is doing well.
I have a 1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Three months ago, I realized that the floor inside the car, at the right side (below the dash) was completely wet. Trying to figure it out, I found that there's a leakeage from a plastic duct that covers the A/C condensator and/or evaporator draining tube wich should be blocked.
In order to insert a piece of wire to remove or clean any blockage, I've tried to find the drain tube opening below the car, but unfortunately it seems to be covered by the chassis.
I also asked a friend of mine (mechanic) how to solve tus problem and he told me that is a hard task, that the whole dash needs to be removed and ... only for about 499.99 $... :ohcrap:
Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? (..... without 500 $) I hope someone knows...

Thanks in advance

posted by  jodelba

Your friend is right in that is the only way to fix the problem, however you might be able to do it yourself. You need to locate where the A/C is in the firewall, remove the access panel and clean out all of the gunk(leaves and such) from around it and under it as well as from the drain port... this does several things one; allows condensation to drain properly (fixing your current problem) and two; stops mold and mildew from growing improving your health and getting rid of that musty smell when you turn on your A/C. :clap:

posted by  srober32

on the passenger side underdash pull carpet back, locate a black round plastic piece about 2 - 3 inches in dia. get a 1/8 drill and drill o hole in the
center of the round piece. get ready for the water to come out.once the water is done draining take a clothes hanger and push it straight through the hole that you drilled.then if you have acess to compressed air blow air through the hole. then use silicone to block hole(but not to much) reinstall carpet and there ya go all done :hi:

posted by  toolman

wow only $500. i need some friends like that. man, it aint that hard.

posted by  soundguy

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