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Hi all,
I had a question about 4L60E Trans maint. The trans is in a 1995 Impala SS with about 65K. The problem is that the driver makes very short trips and the trans has, over the years, started shifting rough. I would guess this is because of crap built up inside from the short trips...

My question is: I know that simply changing the filter, gasket, fluid only drains about half of the old trans fluid... is there a better way? Some way to completely flush out all the old fluid and also clean up the valve body and the rest?
Any help is appreciated.

posted by  kirsmash

Ok so if there's two of you available then trace the lower cooler line that comes out of the passenger side of the trans, up to the radiator. and un hook it. put a tight fitting rubber hose over the end of the cooler line and direct it down into a bucket or drain pan. Now you can start up the car and it will pump out. This is one of the few ways to completly remove all the old fluid but it's gonns take about 16 quarts of oil. Have someone up front watching the hose so it doesnt shoot everywhere . As the engine runs your gonna have to add fluid so be ready. A typical 4l60E holds 12 quarts so your gonna have to guage the out flow or mark the container at the three gallon area so you can shut off the engine without wasting much oil. Another way would be to run the engine for about 7 seconds then shut it off and add three quarts or so, add as much as came out so that the pump isn't sucking air. Youll need the extra quarts of fluid because some will mix with the old fluid thats in the pan and in the converter and fill be contaminated. I hope this helps let me know if anything is confusing. Tranny guy aaron

posted by  rec-youth

hmmmmm..... i would think this can cause alot more problems than he needs, do not run the engine without transmission fluid, if i were you i would sell my body for $100 dollars than get a shop to do it PROPERLY! they have machines that hook up to the cooler lines and your transmission pump will pump the old crap out and the new stuff in without ever running it dry, by far the most effective fluid flush ive ever come across, maybe you won't have to sell your body but thats the fun part :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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