96 Geo Tracker won't turn over.

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Ok, so here's the thing.. I was trying to get my tracker started the other night, and the temps were down to around 0F so my battery didn't have enough umph behind it to turn over the engine. I leave a charger running on it for a few hours, go back out and when I turned the key it did absolutely nothing.

I have no idea what is wrong. There are no clicks of any kind when I turn the key to start. I jumped the posts on the starter, but it just spins without engaging the flywheel, which leads me to think the starter is bad. However there remains the question of why that doesn't even happen when I turn the key.

I would really hate to spend $150 on a new starter if that is not the issue. Please help as this is my only vehicle and I am very short on money.

1996 Geo Tracker 4WD 4cyl 1.6L MFI

posted by  ShadowTech


tell us how u jumped the starter. there is two posts for the starter. one small for selenoid and one slightly bigger for starter drive. did u just jumper big one to small one? that should test starter completely. if starter spins and no contact, then it is bad selenoid pull in winding.

as for no activity during key, that is another problem u need to figure out. they key is part of the control side of the starter circuit.

posted by  thongsai

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