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I have a 92 Sunbird with the 3.1,V6, automatic .

About 1 week ago, i started having problems with my idle. At first i taught it was just my gas line that froze up, because here in canada, when temp reaches -20 or more, and tend to leave your gas tank on empty, condensation form, and water gets in your gas. after putting gas line ati-freeze, I later realize it had something to do with either my vacuum hose system, or my gas regulator. After several test and a few $$$, i still haven't figured it out. My gas pressure is good (38-45). I've changed my EGR valve, cleaned my air intake, with air intake cleaner, changed all the gasket in and around my egr valve. In the morning, my car starts fine, drive around for whatever amount of time, as soon as i turn off my ignition, if i try to start it again, it wont start unless i give some gas. Now if i remove the vacuum hose on top of my throtle body, the car will start, but really rough. I've had it checked by a very good independant mechanic, and with his computer, codes came up as 32 which is mass air sensor problem. Last night, while trying to fix this problem, without actually removing the mass air flow, we were turning the key on/off and trying to start it over and over, it started working fine and idling fine. Thing is after 10min, we turn the ignition off, and the car would start up again. That is,unless i gave it gas. this only happen when the car is at operating temp. It idles fine when cold and has plenty of power.

Any thoughts/opinions/experience with this one? If there is anything more you need to know, please ask me...


posted by  potz1977

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