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hello... I own an eagle summit 4door sedan, 1994. it has an automatic trans.
so the problem... last week i think it entered some "fail safe" mode, and it only has one gear it runs on. i live in MN and its extremely cold, and i have a convction that the cold temp blew a fuse in the fuse box. i say this becasue the gear indicator lights on the DASH panel (P R N D... etc) are all out... so it's like a "general" gear its in right now, and it sucks at accel. and it sucks at decel. any ideas on what to do? im not that informed when it comes to cars.
thank you

oh yeah and one more thing... what to do when engine burns / leaks oil? any tips for me?

posted by  gospeedracer

It is a neet little thing called "limp mode" it keeps you from getting stuck with no tranny. Sounds like you need to find the blown fuse and replace it and if it blows again or if you have no blown fuses you probably have a bad sensor on the trans. :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

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