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3800codec engine starts good cold but takes 5-8 secs hot or warm

posted by  tims

might need to change the distributor cap and the rotor.

posted by  ZMan3000

psst. it,s run by a coil pack/module/crank position sensor?

posted by  tims

an 88 run by a coil pack, didn't know they started using coil packs that far back, then again I've only been investing time into learning about cars recently, being as young as I am, thanks for the insight. Anyways have you checked the starter? What about battery/alternator. While those are unlikely to be temperature related, ya never know. Start with the easy stuff ya know?

posted by  Flame Roller

lots of power and spark it just has that annoying feature,some obscure sensor or switch is doing it.look at the listing tims and check some of the answers.

posted by  tims

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