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Hello all,

I drive a '89 Honda Civic.

I recently drove 900 miles with a bad ignition switch by holding the key in the position between "ON" and "START."

On one occasion, I had a no power to anything problem. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. Got power back.

Later, I lost power to everything, and couldn't get it back. I then replaced the ignition switch. I could then get power to most everything, but upon turning the key to the "START" position, I would lose power to everything, and could not get power back without disconnecting the battery again. I have seen the same scenario when trying to turn on the headlights. I have not tried jumping the battery yet.

It is obviously a main power problem, as the the power problem occurs when I try to pull hard on the battery (headlights and starter). I have cleaned the terminals and their clamps.

Internal problem to the battery? Bad battery cable? Anything else?

Thanks for the suggestions.

posted by  deanmc

Well, new cables wouldn't hurt but might not be the problem. Did you check the other ends of the cables? Make sure that you have clean, non-greasy connections on both ends of the cables. I like to use some brake cleen to get the grease off and then some emery cloth to polish the contacts on the cables and where they mount to.

posted by  srober32

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