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I was receintly in a head-on with my Saturn SL2. After the accident, i drove my car to the side and shut it off. to make this a short story, a former mechanic friend of mine said that there was a fuel relay or fuel switch (or something similar sounding)that should have shut off due to the jolt as a safety feature, but my car is still running to this day. I just want to find out of this is something I should looking into because I plan to repair and drive it again...and is there any chance if it was supposed to engage that I could go to Saturn with legal action? Being a firefighter, I'm pretty familier with the dangers of damaged/running engines.

Any Ideas???

posted by  cmtmet

I would say, "Count your blessings"

One less thing to pay for when you fix the car.

posted by  BavarianWheels

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