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The info you've been given is generally good advise. The only fly I see in the ointment is that going to synthetic in a relatively high mileage engine such as yours won't make as much difference in wear resistance and efficiency as it would in a new engine. Also, and this is a big also, an older engine such as yours is more prone to leakage and if there's a place for it to leak the synthetic will find it.

All in all based on those factors I wouldn't recommend the change because anything you save will probably be outweighed by the extra cost.

posted by  vwhobo

Hey guys,

Are there any real gains to switching to a synthetic oil? I know this has been asked a million times before, but there's loads of conflicting information out there. My corolla has around 112000 miles on it, and it's in good shape. Someone reccomended the following if I were to switch to synthetic:

1)Drain oil and take out filter as normal
2)Replace with Mobil 1 filter and mobil 1 synthetic oil
3)Change filter after 500 miles
4)Change filter after 1000 miles
5)Resume normal schedule of maintenence

I understand the main reason for the oil filter changes is that the synthetic oil would be, in effect, washing away deposits and the like that standard oil leaves behind. I was just curious as to how risky this is and if there is any real gains. Any suggestions on oil, filters, or any other maintenence products would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  digital_shad0w

Yeah, the issue of leaking slipped my mind, i'm sure the synthetic would find a place , heh. What oil/filter would be best suited for my car? What about the ones "formulated for higher mileage engines," any real gains there?

Thanks again, this is proving to be a most helpful forum :)

posted by  digital_shad0w

1. I personally use WIX on my good cars and Fram orange on my beaters. Everything I've read (not manufacturer advertising) and my own experience points to the WIX being as good as you can get. K&N also makes excellent filters but for my fleet are cost prohibitive.

2. The high mileage oils have additional additives that are basically the same as STP, Lucas, Hi-Tach, etc. It's really up to you as to which way to go based on favorite brand, what makes you feel good and cost. As long as you stay with a name brand you'll be okay.

posted by  vwhobo

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