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Well I was driving to the airport a few days ago, and the roads were icy. On the on-ramp, I started spinning (was going about 35 mph). After one full rotation, the car hit a snowbank in the side of the road. I got out and didn't notice any damage, so I drove on. When I got back that day, I examined the car closer and found some cracks in the front bumper. Well, I took the car to the carwash today, and when I got out of the car wash, I noticed that the whole left quarter of the bumper is missing. So, how much would it cost to get a new front bumper? And, how hard is it to install myself, I am somewhat mechanically inclined, although by no means a mechanic. Thanks!

posted by  detpilot


posted by  detpilot

If you get a new bumper from an autowrecker it shouldn't cost you too much, probably about $75. All bumpers are installed and removed differently. I doubt anybody here will be able to tell you the difficulty, not many mechanics know anything about body work. Just look for bolts holding it in and take them out.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

In my area, when you go for a part in the salvage yard, you either take it off yourself or go with the grunt and help. It would be to your benefit if permissible, to help with the removal of the parts. :2cents: Many salvage/junk yards won't allow you past the front office.

posted by  lectroid

I was in a car accident in my 95 taurus wagon several years ago. I had damage to the front and rear bumper. I went to the local junk yard and pulled them off a car there. They cost me about $30. Took the wrecked ones of my car and put those on. Bought some cheep spray paint and painted them. I'm definatly not a car expert and probably don't know much about cars at all, but it only took a couple hours to do, and didn't look bad at all.

posted by  Arch-Nemesis

Thanks guys!

posted by  detpilot

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