1997 Cavalier broken trunk latch - need help!

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Hello, all,

I was hoping someone can give me some insight into a car problem. I have a 2 door 1997 chevy cavalier coupe. The little plastic box inside the trunk that the cables for the trunk release snake into has broken. Therefore, my trunk release latch near the driver's seat doesn't function, and the key turning in the lock doesn't open the trunk of the car.
I am about to go down to the states, and I don't think "It won't open" will help me at the border when asked to open my trunk. :)
Does anyone know how to replace/repair this part? I don't need the drivers side handle to work...just the key in the trunk.
Any advice well appreciated. Is this an expensive part? Is there a way to jury-rig it?

Thanks in advance!

posted by  Arcmaze

Can you get into your trunk through the cab? If you can just flick the lever. Just because the cable's broken shouldn't effect the key either, you have some serious problems there.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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