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5.0 liter 305 V-8 engine with issues that I believe to be a fuel injection related. My car starts fine but when I put it in drive (mostly when going up hill) my car begins to sputter. It's almost as if it's low on gas and going to die (however I have a full tank). I don't know exactly what the issue is and would appreciate any response.

posted by  Sup3rm0n

yes i have a 1988 chevy caprice classic brougham and my car is doing the same thing as yours.and mine will die at stop signs if i wait too long.sorry i dont have an answer but i am also looking for one too.

posted by  whiteboy23

oh. i just found the problem on my caprice i looked everywhere and i looked at the distributor cap and rotor.when i checked that, it was corroded and the rotor was burnt to hell.so i just bought a new one and replaced it and it runs like new now. i dont know if that will solve your problem because it is a newer model but you could give it a try.
your welcome,

posted by  whiteboy23

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