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I’m new here, I’ve read some other forum questions and you guys are very dedicated to helping people solve problems with their cars. I would like to say you guy’s give great advice… and I would really appreciate all the help I may receive!

The Problem:

I own a 1985 CRX, nice car down south……. But hates colds winters, I moved and this winter where I live it got to -40C and my car died. I brought the battery inside the house to charge it on a portable battery charger (that got the 1995 4runner working)

That night…….
I "regretfully" left the hood popped up (not propped all the way open, just the hood release cable from inside the car pulled out).... and that night it snowed a bunch and I left it like that for about a week (slightly open with 15 cm of heavy icy snow on top).

I then went to pop the hood from the inside latch... and nothing. It didn’t pop. I pushed down on the hood and nothing; I pulled up on the hood and nothing. I even pried the hood enough to get to access the secondary latch and still it didn’t budge. I then disassembled the hood release leaver from inside the car and pulled it, STILL NOTHING!!

I then CUT!!! The hood release cable from inside the car to pull it with pliers…. Nothing.

I then by accident cracked a hole in the hood near the lock mechanisms and reached inside and tired to fiddle around with the latches and nothing!

The hood release cable WAS stretched, I conclude that!

Please if you have any suggestions! I need to put the battery in !!!!

Yeah I can tow it to a shop, but don’t want the expenses…. Any ideas???

AND NO, my manual does not have a section on what to do when your hood is stuck!!!

It is now above 0c so freezing is not an issue with is being stuck


posted by  jnjer

Push it into a heated garage and let it un-thaw.

By the way, if your battery was dead at -40C it froze, that screws up the battery almost every time.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

All I know is that it when I charged the battery on the 4runner, it started up....... but the thats my second problem... the first is getting my hood open!!! :oops:

posted by  jnjer

Haha, yah I know, I was just saying that it hurts the battery when it freezes, it will never be as strong as it once was (H20 101, water expands when frozen, will crack batteries innards) I was just saying you may need a new battery.

As I suggested, push it into a garage and let it unthaw, it's probably just frozen.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Its been above 0c

1-8degrees c for the last two weeks, Could it still be frozen?I would have thought atleast it would have dethawed by now!

And your right, the crx battery might be hooped! I hope I can find out soon!

posted by  jnjer

it could still be frozen if there's snow under it, snow acts as an insulator so it stays frozen longer, and if it keeps getting warm and cold, it would freeze it even more.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

No the snow melted! And its been so mild, the thing is I live in the middle of know where in a log cabin, no garage... no where near town. to get it in a warm garage would mean towing it to town to the mechanic, which Is what I want to avoid. I sat out for two hours with a hair dryer aroung the edges of the hood, I wouldnt think it would be frozen?

posted by  jnjer

hmm.. maybe not, it's it SOLID or does it have any play? when you try and lift it does it feel like it's hitting something?

What kind of hood supports does it have? Just the normal bar you put up, or does it have springs or shocks to support the hood?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

It has very very little play... very close to solid, but I can pry it up about an inch(how I put the hole in the front upper bumper)

When I lift it it does feel like its hitting something but when I move the second latch, it doesnt allow me to open the hood.

When opened it has a single bar that props the hood up!

posted by  jnjer

It is probably still frozen. If you ccan't push to a warm area, get,buy or steal a large sheet of plastic. I'm sure to have a ceramic space heater. Place the heater under the engine area, on a raised surface, such as bricks, to keep it off the ground, also cover/shield(important) the top of the heater with something like a pie pan,cookie sheet, use your imagination. Something to keep the water out of the heater. Cover the car with the plastic, secure and wait. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Wow if its still frozen thats pretty crazy, i've been doing all but smashing the hood with a slegehammer! Well, I'll try the heater trick this weekend... cross my fingers!! :clap:

posted by  jnjer

I'd think it's still frozen, can't think of any other reason why it would be solid, and all of a sudden like that. Depending on where the hinges go they could be the very last thing to un-thaw under the hood.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

you didnt by chance manage to get one of your battery cables caught on something on the bottom of the hood did you? id say that may do it. just my :2cents:

posted by  soundguy

Well, I got it open,

I took out the light fixture.. (drivers side) then reached into the hole, with the aide of a flashlight, I located the cable, gave it a good yank and *P0P*

To take the grill off, I would have needed the hood open (quarter panels would have had to come off too) NOT A GOOD ALTERNATIVE

Taking the light out was quick and relatively painless.

She was sitting cold for a month and didn’t want to start but eventually turned over, and now starts like a charm!

Untill the next cold snap........................

posted by  jnjer

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