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How hard is it to change the timing belt on the 95 eagle talon Esi, I just bought one and found out that i have to change it. Is it worth the hassle to do it myself or is it better to just take it to a dealer to get it done. If you think I should do it myself, if you know of anywere that explains how can you please give me the link, thanks.

posted by  thenglish_man

Stand back, read your post and think about it.

1. It's not hard for me to do a t-belt job on your car and I can fill an auditorium with people who don't find it hard to do that job, but you just might find it hard.

2. Rather difficult to make the call if it's worth the "hassle" for you to do it. Keep reading.

3. How do you expect someone in this forum to decide for you if it's a job you should do yourself? What kind of mechanical ability do you have? What kind of mechanical experience do you have? What sort of tools and work area do you have?

4. News flash! A manual for your car will give you the procedure for doing this job. They are available at libraries, car part stores and online.

Now once again stand back, read your post and think about it. In my opinion if you have to ask these questions and you think it's a hassle to do, then in all likelyhood you shouldn't attempt to do it. You also need to decide if you're willing to take the resposibility for the job. That's an interference engine and assembled incorrectly will allow you the chance to buy new valves and maybe pistons.

posted by  vwhobo

:!: ok first of all holy sh*t carm down, sorry if i'm not a pro and it's the first car i've owned. Based on experience would you say it's easy or a hassle, you do know the difference right...and there is a manual at the library but hey can't find it and i don't wanna go buy one right now just to do that when i can get one for free in a month. It was just a question!

posted by  thenglish_man

You seem to be the one who needs to calm down. All I did was ask some questions and give you my opinion. That's what you came here for was an opinion.

If you don't like my opinion that's your choice. If you're too cheap to invest the small amount of money for a manual that's your problem.

I answered your question to the best of my ability based on the information you gave, which is to say essentially none at all. However you choose not to answer back so until you do my previous answer stands.

Oh yeah, here's my definition of hassle. Trying to help out people who are too dumb/lazy/clueless (take your pick) to help themselves.

posted by  vwhobo

timing belt is not a beginner's job. oil change is.....so i have to side with vwhobo, b/c the answer to ur question is indeed highly depended on ur skills, which makes it more difficult for people to answer. so if you have worked on cars before, go for it, but if not, then bring it to a shop.

posted by  ULnv4ever

if a 2.0L take it to the dealer, if 1.8L do it yourself. The 2.0 is not freewheeling and is difficult to adjust, the 1.8 freewheels so if it jumps on you no harm is done to the engine.

posted by  crash8168

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