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Figured I'd post here before I go crazy and destroy my Geo with a Sledge hammer party..

The problem started when I was driving away from a stop sign in first gear, when I put the clutch down to change into second, the engine continued to climb in RPM's (I think the pedal got stuck).. anyways, I shut it off.. but, she never started the same again. (Figured I had broken something in the engine cause it was making a pretty nasty sound).. so I decided to replace the engine with another from a used car lot. (The old engine fired and all that.. just didn't have any power and had a pretty nasty clanking noise).

So, I put the used engine in, connected up the old air intake manifold ... and used the origional distributor cap. But, after I turned her over, she didn't fire. So, I had to figure out what was going on of course and these are the symptoms:

- there is no spark on any of the plugs, nor on the main cable comming from the coil
- when the vehcile is in the run position - there is no fuel pump kicking in (which, I'm pretty sure should happen)

So, I changed out the ingnition coil and distributor cap.. nothing changed. I tested the fuel pump and it works just fine. The fuses are all good and I made sure that the ignition (in the run position) turns on the positive rail to all the ignition parts (fuel pump, pickup coil and the EPI). The last thing I tried was to change out what I thought to be the computer - which had a big E3 on the label. I changed it out with another that had E4 on it (grabbed it from a junk yard).. which may or may not have been right - But after everything I changed still nothing worked. So, I don't know what to do anymore? Any thoughts?

PS. Everything else seems to work fine (lights, heater fan)


posted by  Beeman

You might check to see if you are getting spark. What about fuel pressure? Maybe the revving of the engine before it died was because it was leaning way out? When you turn the key switch on, you should hear the whine of the fuel pump for a few seconds while the system pressurizes.

posted by  PeteC

Well, I know I don't have a spark (pull out plug, turn over engine while holding plug against engine to see spark)..

I also know that when I turn the key on to the run position - there is no fuel pump kicking in. I thought maybe the fuel pump was gone so I directly tested the pump (by-pass the relay switch).. and she gushes the fuel just fine.

So, somewhere along the line - something doesn't add up! I figure it's the computer, since I also don't get an engine light comming on when I turn it to the run position.. also, another interesting note is that my battery light comes on full bright when the key is in the run position, but when I take the keys out - the battery light stays on (but very dimmly) - and I know there is a drain on the battery with the keys out cause I have to keep charging her whenever I need to work on it. I guess there could be a short somewhere!

posted by  Beeman

I experienced a similar problem with an acura legend and the no spark was caused by the harness ground not being connected. So I would ensure that ALL of your ground wires are connected.

posted by  rj_allan

I'm going with a ground problem as said or a faulty relay. I had a 94 Geo Metro (only brand new car I ever had by the way) and never had to get into any real maintenence on it but I do remember when deciding how to wire an amplifier best in it noticing it had an incredible amount of relays in it for such a simple damn car.

Look for a faulty ground or relay that has to do with your ignition or transmission.


And seriously folks I loved my old Metro Hatchback and would love to have one again.However I'm not kidding about the simplicity of Geo Metros. Me and my brother got the vid cam out when we were so called 'pimping out' that 94 hatchback I had with a CD player and amplifier. We were sitting there with needlenose pliers and a flathead and we took apart the whole interior of the thing in like 20 minutes!!!! We were running around the yard with pieces of it saying chit like:

"I rhamb the specul eelympics last hyearheear n the Geo factoory guv me a yhob for my ghuld meedahhl! I put hon yhor dhor handles!!!! Muhy name is I mean Charley!!!!!"

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

After test driving numerous KIA's I think they adopted GEO's manufacturing processes and even downgraded them a bit!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

posted by  Blue_Frog

undefinedundefinedundefined First let me say hi to everyone and I hope someone can help me out. The problem is two fold. The first is a loud chirping sound coming from the engine compartment. It started over six months ago and when the car would shift to second it would go away. Now it stays on constantly. The car is a automatic but whenever it would warm up the sound would disappear. Sometimes it wouldn't start until the car was driven for a few hundred yards. It's definitely a chirping sound and not a sound associated with the transmission. It seemed to come from the alternator. Which brings in the other problem. About a week ago all of a sudden the battery went dead. Assuming the problem was the alternator I jumped the car and it started fine. I put a new alternator in it and for several days it ran fine. But the chirping sound came back and now the car won't start again. Any advise to what would be causing this sound and what else would cause the battery to keep failing. There's no fault lights coming on the dash so I'm stumped.

posted by  JASMNE

It sounds like a tensioner or idler pulley has lost it's bearings. Its gonna squeak / chirp and wear out belts and components like crazy (like your alternator) untill you fix it. Replace it first before you replace any other parts like an alternator or whatever cuz they might be fine but the slippage off that pulley is making them perform badly.

posted by  Blue_Frog

Many thanks Blue Frog. That makes perfectly good sense and I believe you hit the nail on the head. Is this a job you would recommend for the do it yourselfer or should I just take to the garage. Again many thanks.

posted by  JASMNE

If you can change an alternator my guess is whatever idles or tensions on that metro you can change too. Since I HAD a 94 metro hatchback for almost 8 years (and LOVED it) I should be able to tell you more about them but I serioulsly NEVER had to do nuffin to it other than change tires and oil. Most reliable damn car I ever had. Blame my evil ex for wanting us to 'sport up' our rides before she split. :mrgreen:

I think you should be able to change it. I just dunno what to tell you about the where or the hows.

posted by  Blue_Frog

Again, thanks Blue Frog. I picked up a Haynes manual and it looks pretty simple.

posted by  JASMNE

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