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For the past few months the tail/parking/dash/fog lights on my 95 Bonneville have occasionally been slow in lighting up after being switched on. Now they have failed completely. The fuses and bulbs all check out ok. The "head lamp on chime" works fine with the headlamp switch in the parking light position, just no lights. The radio display doesn't dim either. Any known cause for this?

posted by  gcso62

I believe to have found the problem, which has opened a new can of worms. I disassembled the dash far enough to remove the headlamp switch. This is no easy task if you don't know exactly how the dash goes together. I found a plug with 9 wires goes into the switch assy. The connections in this plug are shimmed to keep them tight. At some point this plug has gotten hot enough to melt slightly and distort. This is the second can of worms. The pins in the switch itself were corroded and a couple were scortched. I cleaned the connection pins and replaced the plug. All the lights are functioning again. Now what I want to know is: Was there something wrong with this plug that allowed it to get hot enough to melt and that's what caused the bad conection, or did the bad connection cause the plug to get hot. I'll check with GM/Pontiac and see if there were any recalls on this issue. If anyone else had a similar experience or other input, please feel free to post or email. Appreciate anything at all.

posted by  gcso62

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