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i went to start my 96 grand cherokee limited this morning and the 5.2L V8 wouldnt turn over. This problem has happened before but usually stops happening after a few tries at turning it over. Im not sure of why it wont start, but after a few tries it finally turned over. Wanting to make sure that the car would start back up (because i didnt want to be stranded outside of town) i turned it off, then proceeded to try to start it again. this time the car just struggled to turn but no turn over. the interior lights still work and the batery checked out... so any suggestions of what to do would be greatly appreciated!

posted by  motodevious14

Does it occur when the car is warm????

posted by  ZMan3000

it wont turn over and this is the first time it has happened so im not sure if it would happen if it was cold? is there a checklist to check over to try to get it to start again?????? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

posted by  motodevious14

i found that 2 of the spark plug connections had somehow fallen off?!?!?! so i corrected this problem and then replaced the battery and now the Jeep is back and better than ever!

posted by  motodevious14

i was going to suggest the spark plugs but it seems that you have sorted the problem.

posted by  D4NDO

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