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I have an L reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.5 LS TD. I havent been able to get the car in 5th gear for ages - didn't bother me at first as i was only using the car to learn in - now i've passed i'd like to drive for further and longer so would prefer to have 5th working. Has this happened to anyone else or anyone have ideas?



posted by  charlesworth82


posted by  charlesworth82

You could have burned up a synchro, broken a shift fork, or it could just be the linkage. What were the circumstances surrounding it no longer going into 5th?

posted by  PeteC

to be honest nothing really happened - just one day it wouldnt go in. Now when i move into 2nd gear its getting more and more difficult - also wont let me into first until the car is almost stopped still.

posted by  charlesworth82

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