1994 Thunderbird Horn.......... DONE!

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The Horn on my T-bird has officially bitten the dust and just recently my alarm system's little chirping sound when I unlock the doors or lock them has also followed closely behind.

I live in Colorado and among some of the worst drivers on the planet. I need my horn. The fuses are fine, I just think that all of excess use of the alarm being set-off is what caused the horns demise. I really need to replace this horn, but don't exactly know what to do. All the guys at Checker can tell me is, "It's kind of hard, most people can't do it"! I know i can do it if somebody could help me out with some basic INFO! Much appreciated.

Also, the motor to my Driver-side window has gone dead for the second time in 4 years. It is still drawing current from the battery, but the motor is just "DUNDY"! Is it possible that i can replace this motor, or does it need to be professionally done?

posted by  Jnewby11

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