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Ok, i ask so many questions about my car that usually only last 2-3 posts, i figure ill just make 1 new post and ask all the questions in here.

But heres a new one, round head lamp conversion. Wanting to go to a GTi style front grill/lamps (the quad round style) and was wondering how much is involved in this? is it just a swap or is alotta work involved?

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Grille and headlight buckets. Turn a bunch of screws. It'll take you about an hour tops.

posted by  vwhobo

Awsome, thx.
lol thats the answer i was hopein 4 :D

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

OK got another, im not sure if ive asked this or not but i just saw a A1 that had been done like this so im gonna ask about it.
Drilling out the bumper "shocks" and pounding the bumpers in, good idea bad idea? ne way im off 2 work now

Thx in advance

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

That's a purely cosmetic change so only you know what you want. It works to pull the bumpers in but you no longer have energy absorbing bumpers. Personally I don't hit things so.... You get the idea.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah thats the only down side i came up with.
lol, and i havent hit anything so far and have no plans to in the future.


posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Who knows maybe you should try it. it sounds to me like a good idea. but thats just me.

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

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