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After owning the Jeep for ~2 years, the top hinge on the driver side side is pulling away from it's weld. Once it got bad enough, I just removed the door. A buddy tried rewelding the hinge, but it was just off enough to not allow the door to close properly. So, I'm in the process of trying to grind off the crappy weld.

What I need to know is how in the world do I remove the front left quarter panel? so I can get the grinder (and then the torch) in far enough to finish the job. The quarter panel is in the way for me to grind the rest of the weld and should have been removed before it was welded to begin with.

I've removed as many screws as I can find, but the thing won't budge underneath or in the top center.

HELP! :banghead:

posted by  jetson

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