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Hi! This is Marian from Texas again. Ok, I got my tranny in and now the only problem that is unsolved is the surging and dying.

I got it to a different mechanic. (In pieces, I might add!) Now it is put back together, but still surging and dying. We got another air flow sensor and it is still doing the same thing as before. We can get it to keep running if we set the idle up high, but we want it fixed right.

When we hold the flap in the EPI Control Unit open manually, it levels out and runs right. When we checked the plug in connector, we found it only gets fire on two prongs. Is this why it isn't opening and closing right?

Does anyone have any suggestions on which way to go with it now, what to do next? The man who had the car before me said he had it hooked up to a computer and it showed a problem with the idle sensor, but does that affect the way this flap opens and closes?

Sure would appreciate someone experienced with this paricular problem to give me some input.

Thank you,

posted by  MaidMarian1960

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