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My car had not been cranked in about a year. I had to replace the battery terminals as the others went bad. I had to also replace the main power fuse as well. I started it up and let it run for about 2 min. Tried to start it up again and nothing happened. Still getting power, just no spark to ignite the engine. Please help. :banghead:

posted by  carrookie

There are 3 possibilities. I believe the 91' has an internal ignition coil (in the distrib.) which could be the problem. Also common are the ignitor, also in the distrib. and the main relay, inside the car under the drivers side of the dash.
When you turn the key to on (not crank) you should hear a click from that area. Turn key on and off a couple of times and listen for that click. If you don't hear it, the relay is the most likely cause.
Hope this helps!!!

posted by  zorro

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