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I am modding a Eclipse. i just bought a 96 eclipse that had the engine overheated. i knew this so its not a big deal. I want to convert the car from a automatic to a manual trans while i have the car ripped apart. im new to the whole changing major parts of cars thing so i thought i would look here for some help. if you think you know how i can do this or have a good amount of prudent information please post. i have about a thousand dollars to do the convertion alone so i mean its not a big deal i already have the trans so i just need to make it work. i heard that i might not need to change the computer if i can get a tricker is what i was told. its something that lies to the computer and tells it the trans is still there. not sure how this works or if its even true. so as i said if you have a good amount of info or ANYThing that might be of help please post.

Oh and if you want contact me on Aim or MSN or Yahoo.
96 Eclipse
2 door
front wheel drive

posted by  Dead Thadeus

Ok i was just reading in the forums and im way over my head. sence ever one seems to know more about anything that i do. Ok here is the problem.

The guy before me toasted the engine. its dead done and gone. ok i have enouther engine from a 95 eclipse that smokes so im going to rebuild it. these are DOHC non turbo engines. past that i dont know any diffrent. i hate automatics for some unknown reason to me but i found this car for 1k so i figured i can convert it. but as i said im over my head as is. i have friends that work on cars almost non stop but they have never done anything like this. i would love if anyone had sites where i might be able to find a kit or something that would have some things in it for this type of thing. im more intrested in getting it to run well not fast. so before any one says buy this buy that im poor. kind of any ways. i have enough to get the car a engine and if any one knows where a good play to buy it. i think i need the long block because it was overheaded. i cant get the crank to move an inch so im pretty sure hte block is warped so its toast as i said. i need a good play to get an engine and or transmission. i have both but i need to rebuild them which isnt a problem. but i am not sure whats up with the convertion. sorry if im being repaditive but im sleepy and worried i might have spent a thousand dollars and got screwed because i cant do what i want or need with this car.
Thanks ahead of time for any adivce i might get.

posted by  Dead Thadeus

Dude, this is gonna COST, loads! It's a long procedure, first thing is first, what engine is it?? As in what is the model?? Find that out, and i may be able to help you, not a biggie, only a money waster.

posted by  Zenith

ok i think its a 420a but im not 100% sure and its not too bad. if i go to a junkyard i can stripe the manual junk for 125 and the ECU + harrness is 250 so its not bad. i do need a place that can sale me engine rebuild shit for cheap though.

posted by  Dead Thadeus

What up, I read your dillema on this site and I joined just to tell you about this web site I a part of., they have the answer for every question you WILL have. so check us out! and I hope to see you there.

Knight Ryda 99
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posted by  the Great one

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