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About 2 weeks ago I started having problems with my Neon. It started idling rough and when i went to accelerate it wouldn't respond well at all, dragging along until it hit a certain spot in the RPG range, which changed all the time. My first thought was ignition system going on it. Getting spark and all that, thats fine. Next thing I thought was the Fuel system.

The car had absolutely no fuel in the fuel rails, so i replaced the fuel pump and filter. Started for the first time in a week, but it still suffered from the previous problem. So i began thinking it was a sensor, and I got an OBDII scan tool. Plugged it in, and it sent only one code back at me. It was PO118: Engine Coolant Temp Circuit High Input. I thought that was the engine coolant sensor going bad, so I replaced that. Got it fixed, took it out on the road...and the same thing. Plus when i checked the computer again when I got back home, it shot the same code back at me, even after I deleted it. My question is, anyone have any idea what is going on here? Is it really the Cam or Crank sensor going bad, causing the sluggishness and rough starts and occassional rough idling? Any help is greatly appreciated because i'm running out of ideas.

posted by  Joelius


posted by  amy wilson

Not o2! Some dodge cars run there whole fuel system off of the colant senser. So ether your new sensor is bad or you have a bad wire stick with the clues not guesses. The other thing that it could be is computer this happens somtimes but don't jump to that yet.

posted by  apastarelli

blown head gasket!!!!

posted by  qrankshaft

my did much the same i replaced alot of parts it had a burnt out spark plkug wire

posted by  tom65

are u one of the lucky ones that got a buggy obd2 system for 95??

well anyways check the sensor wiring for a short.. check for voltage 5v or 12v.. most sensors are 5v..

tan/dark blue and good ground for voltage.. make sure the connector is clean also..
make sure the tan/db and black/lb isnt shorted together.

edit: change is to isnt.

posted by  thongsai

improper cooling send hi v to ecm.if gasket original not tri laminate,check the coolant and check oil.what about temperature gauge?loss of power maybe from compression,only way to tell is compression test.chrysler had a huge problem with wire harness too,check main haness.those obd are not always accurate.i would run a compression test,if head gasket ask chrysler to pay.
most of the time they pay some of it...

posted by  the lobster

My car stopped running when the crankshaft sensor went out. If you decide to change the crankshaft sensor be very carefull not to break it off. If you break it off you'll most likely have to take off the oil pan to get it all out if you can't pry it out.

posted by  lilcrystal

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