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I just recently changed my oil myself for the first time in my 88 lincoln towncar. I usually have the quick lube places put in 10w30 but i heard that 10w40 was better for the 5.0/302 engine. So I replaced the oil filter and added 5 and a half fresh quarts of 10w40 oil. Started fine and runs fine. But while the engine is running, mostly when its idling, i hear this faint scratching noise in the background. Its not in a rythmic pattern. Its rather sporadic. I have no idea what this is. Also, it never has done this before this oil change. I dont know if this will help but these are the steps I did in changing it...
Drained old oil
removed filter
dipped my finger in the old oil and spread it around the o-ring a couple of times
Screwed it on and plugged the pan back up and added the 5 1/2 quarts...simple enough i guess but I mighta screwed it up somewhere

posted by  JeffreyBEAN

Hi, those older Linc.TC"S have two(2) drain plugs on them ,one in the front of the pan and one in the back of the pan , which one did you drain ? You need to drain BOTH, check your oil and see if it shows overfilled.also take a look at your belts check and see if you might have gotten a drop of oil on them . good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

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