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Well here i go,

What i wont to do is hook my computer to my car, can you do this and how.

My pc made by me with these in:
Amd athlon 3000+ O'C 2 a 2.2 GhZ

2x 512 pc 4200

FX 5200 Peronal Cinema


What i wont to do is hook my pc up to the car will this work and how if you dont no plz say if its possible thnx alot in Advanced help

Xx Cobra xX

posted by  xx cobra xx

There are ways, but mainly people use small form factor computers that aren't very powerful. This is because of power requirements and the main reason these systems are in place is for GPS and music.http://www.mini-itx.com/ has a few project pages showing how people put computers in cars.

posted by  info2x

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