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I'm 15 and my mom has 2000 ford focus zts and about a month ago we went on a trip. On the way there it was kind-of revving up and down a couple 100 rpm's evrytime we went up a hill. (Thats about as good as I can describe it in words) When we got there we checked the oil and it was fine. we filled up the gas tank thinking it might have been bad gas but the same thing was happening on the way back. Except it kept getting worse. About 30 miles out of town we went to pass a truck going about 65 and we were almost around it but my mom just lost her power she had it floored but it wouldn't go any faster. so she slowed down and pulled off at a rest stop. When we went to leave again after checking the engine to see if we could see or hear anything wrong with it but we didn't (I personally thought there was a little wierd clanking but i was probably just being paranoid. ANYWAYS... the car ran fine on the entrance ramp till we reached 50 and then the car started reving really bad and about 10 miles later it jsut quit. we had it towed and looked at and the shop couldn't find anything wrong with it they checked the fuel system and everything. It runs completely fine now in town but on the freeway it still has a little trouble getting up hills and it kind-of scares me becuase this car has 45K miles on it and it shouldn't break down yet. ANYWAYS if you have any suggestions they would be strongly apreciated. :? :? :?

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

Oops. the title says '02 :oops: i meant '00. sorry if i confuse anyone. :oops:

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

It's probably a lemon. that's really all i can think of. or else your engine internals are messed up in some way. At this point thats really all i can think of cause im still learning the dif. behavors of cars and such. but being a Chevy fan, I'd blame it simply on being a Ford (the old Fix Or Repair Daily deal) Sorry I wasn't of much help.

posted by  Satty101

Thanx for tryin :?

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

it sounds like the problem i was haveing I don't eveything i knew to do,chang plugs and wire's trans. fluid fuel fiter etc. None of that work so I took it to a shop and let them put on a computer and check the sencors and fuel system they found out that it was the fuel pump so I put a new in and it's runs great. so it you have not go the car going you may want to try that. :wink2:

posted by  robman1997

if you are losing power after 3000 rpm,check the fuel system pressure 45 lbs or so.check the throttle position sensor,and the catalytic converter,and the o2 sensor.check with ford.the 2000 focus had more recalls than any other car in 2000.they finally got it ok by 2005 ,but it will be discontinued.i have had many fords and they were all garbage.i have found with the toyota i have now,that when something goes,it goes slowly,but does not leave you stranded.you should tell your mom to trade in that focus on a 1995 toyota camry v6le...you would be better off.

posted by  the lobster

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