blower motor fan spinning wrong way, is this possible ??

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the direction its blowing now is towards a door that is closed and only opens when the AC setting is on MAX..
i have reason to believe that door is the air return for cold air coming from inside the car, so air can be recirculated and pass back through the fan again to make the car twice as cold.
i think the fan should be sucking air away from the door, sucking air out when its open.

can the wiring be reversed to cause it to spin in the opposite direction ???

i would like to test out my theory by reversing the wires but am not sure if its safe to do so cause its a DC current,, i dont know much about electrical...

hope im being clear....any help?

posted by  Rad1

i edited my question incase i confused some people....

posted by  Rad1

Try harder :doh:

posted by  lectroid

well it is possible but why do you figure it is spining backwards all of a sudden, one way you'll get a good amount of air thru your vents or defrost and the otherway usually proves to be considerably less air flow, check wire colors!

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

make it spin the same way as the old one would be a better answer, if it is spining the oposite way of the old motor then yes you have the wires backwards

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

i just got ownership of this car and was previously my sisters.

she always had a problem with heat during winter so she had it brought to a mechanic and they put a new heater core which i seen when examining the problem myself. ever since they put a new core in the flow of air is slow.

was thinking maybe they connected somthing wrong or somthing is blocking the flow of air.

tommorow ill be looking in to it again, this time ill go a little deeper and check all the way past the heatercore to the engine side to see if nothing blocking or maybe another door located inside before i try to reverse the wires on the blower motor.

posted by  Rad1

Highly unlikely a dc motor will spin in reverse. Also high unlikely a squirrel cage fan will produce much air in reverse.

posted by  Wally

A standard DC motor will in fact spin in reverse if the polarity of the applied power source is reversed. This is because the reversed electric polarity produces a reversed magnetic polarity. I think that what you meant to say is that it is highly unlikely a that DC motor already installed and in service will spontaneously change its direction of rotation, with which I would agree.

Motor manufacturers will often offer a given motor configuration with both directions of rotation -- i.e. with CW rotation or with CCW rotation. This is usually stated in respect to the shaft end of the motor. I know of at least one HD application that uses two apparently identical blower motors, with the exception that they turn in opposite directions.

What I am getting at here is that it is possible that at some point, the motor was replaced with one of the same physical dimensions as the original, but with opposite shaft rotation. This is really only a problem with a "single-lead" type of motor. If the motor uses spliced wire leads rather than a molded plug, simply reverse the leads at the splices. In the case of a molded plug, it is often possible to reverse the positions of the two wires in one of the plug bodies -- preferrably the one on the motor rather than the vehicle harness. (This keeps the vehicle in factory configuration for future replacements with the correct motor.) If the motor is a "single-lead" type, it uses the motor housing as one of the supply leads, making it more difficult to reverse.

posted by  cpprioli

Well after a few hours of taking shit apart i figured out what the problem was.

The metal filter that the air first passes through from the blower motor was clogged with about half inch thick layer of grease and dirt.

At first when i looked inside the heater case, it seem like a dead end with black walls all around but when got my arm inside through the blower motor hole and touched some guck, a shiny filter revealed itself,, so i cleaned as much as i can reach with rags and WD40 and WALA !! Full blast of dusty heat in my face.

now if i had known that there would be a filter there i would have gone straight for that...but im no expert so what do i know, just trying to save some money, and i did.

We live and learn.

posted by  Rad1

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