1986 Buick Skyhawk - Speedometer Problems

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I got a 1986 Buick Skyhawk Custom, it's a 86 hp 2.0 Liter L4 with a 3 speed Automatic Transmission. It has the old speedometer cable in it and it has quit working. When I bought it at the Begining of December it worked fine, no wobble or anything. I think I may have induced the problem, hence I ran it up to 86 MPH a few times :oops: and one day I noticed that 45 was about 10 miles faster. Later that 10 became 20, and then on a cold morning it didn't move at all, once in a while it bounces up to 15 and back down, and I'm generally going about 45-55. If the cable itself is not shot is what I want to know, or if it needs lubercation, which I believe you use graphite to do. I also sometime hear something in the dashboard when it bounces around, kind of like a high pitched short squeak. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appriciated :)

posted by  Layzie Bone

Sound like the speedo itself is shot, get one from the boneyard and call it good.

posted by  srober32

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