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i thought i could change a tire apparently i was wrong i have a 2002 dodge intrepid flat i jacked it up and removed the lugs but still cant get the tire off what am i supposed to do???

posted by  zeron1980

More than likely just a little rust build up between wheel and hub/rotor, A bit of persuasion with a big foot or hammer, should loosen it up. I would also suggest a jack stand or place car on blocks, before beating on it.

posted by  lectroid

Lectorid is right. I had a similar issue with a 95 Odyssey bought used. Seems that it never got serviced or something. The tire wouldn’t come off. I had to beat the crap out if and then it finally came off. I recommend unbolting the lug nuts but don't take them completely off. Leave them in just enough and give some hard kick to the tire. I do recommend Jack stand. If you use a jack be extremely careful. Might want to put bricks or something under the car in good place to support it.

Good luck.

posted by  ZMan3000

very common problem and is not vehicle specific, like lectroid said a little persuasion tool will help, try not to hit the rim though :doh: i like to thread one lug on a couple of threads and roundhouse kick the crap outa the rubber part from the inside of the tire, usually only one kick but my roundhouse is pr0.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Only just loosen nuts while on the dirt, turn the steering wheel left & right a tad while car is stationary and you just might get it loose before jacking up to remove.

posted by  Wally

Loosen nuts, raise vehicle, support on jackstands, remove nuts, lean near wheel and kick inside of tire with foot.

posted by  KNTRDR

:doh: That is too simple :oops: :oops: What if you don't have dirt? :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  lectroid

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