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My Cars ABS INOP light comes on and stays on but not allways while breaking and not as soon as i start the car sumtimes it takes 2 mins some times it takes 15 sometimes it happens on the highway sumtimes it happens in a school zone... neone have ne idea why this would b happening i got this can from a car auction a few weeks ago with no manuel or nething... the car is a RS automatic 3.8l V6 series 2... ne help would b nice

posted by  Wolfden

I had this same problem on my 1995 Camero several years ago. I took it to my local dealer's shop and was told that the entire wiring harness would have to be replaced and the parts would cost $400. I decided to try fixing it myself so the next weekend I crawled under the car. I found sensors on the spindles with a short 6" long wiring harness connecting it to the electrical system. I unpluged it, smeared about 1/4 cents worth of vaseline into the connectors, re-connected it and haven't had another ABS alarm since.

posted by  Charles55

did u change the rims or tires? or has somebody else?

posted by  carls47807

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