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I've got a 4 wheel drive pickup with 130,000 miles on it. One of my front wheel bearings is loose. Would it be o.k. if I tightened it up? Or are there more things I should consider first?

posted by  ol'Roy

yes there are many things to consider, overtightening will make your bearings fail prematurely, are you sure it's the wheel bearing and not a ball joint? what kind of vehicle is it on maybe i can give you some specs for tightening it

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Well, to tell you the truth... I have a '94 Ford Ranger with push button 4x4 and automatic hubs. I recently took it in for a state inspection. The garage said that the lower ball joints were very worn and they recomended changing both upper and lower. Their price quote was rather high, so I took it to another garage for a second opinion. This garage told me that the ball joints were fine and that the first garage was trying to rip me off. They said that the front bearings were merely loose and that they had tightened them and that everything was right as rain.
Two weeks later the driver side wheel locked up at 55mph. (Wow that was fun) They then tell me that I need new bearings in the drivers side wheel. Long story short after the repair the wheel is making a rubbing/grinding noise. Another mechanic tell me the bearing is too tight. Return to garage but a different location (chain) that mechanic tells me if you tighten a worn loose bearing 50% of the time the bearings will fail.

So why didn't they just recomend replacing the bearings in the first place.

posted by  ol'Roy

wow that really blows, it sounds like you've been talking to many different people who all have one thing in common... they don't know what there doing, except for the guy who said reccomend replacing, he was being safe about it, there are specific ways of tightening all bearings and the guys who did the job b4 your wheel locked up really F*&^ed up and did it the wrong way. i cant really help you but find a better mechanic

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

why don't you replace the bearing but do the job yourself the only person i trust to work on my car is me places like checkers and autozone can provide you with a torque spec. and if you don't have a torque wrench they have their loaner program

posted by  carlos

I understand completely....1 week ago, similar problem all of a sudden car pulls to the left and makes horrible noises, I drive the highway twice a day as well so very scary at high speed as no warning what so ever..(front wheel drive) shop tells me that it's bad back tires. I questioned the fact that bad back tires (yes need to be replace) however this problem was severly controlling the stearing and clunking noises under front end...still stated couldn't find anything wrong other then tires...replaced them...take car home....still just as bad...take car back...replaced wheel bearing (drivers front)...take car home...worse then before...take car back...now they decide to replace transaxle (that's now the problem). Needless to say $700 later...and me explaining it was more than tires and explaining the shaking in the stearing wheel and pulling all of a sudden , vibration while driving (high speeds worse). I knew there was more to this but the shop insisted it was fixed. They were not happy to see me on the 3rd time as they got told (not so nicely) to fix the problem and right and I was NOT paying additional labour for the same problem.

posted by  Fastrac

I would do it myself except it's been rather cold outside lately. -15F

posted by  ol'Roy

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