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When trying to accelerate fast, say after 4 500 rpm, my car goes up to 7 200 rpm in 1 sec and does not accelerate fast, just like the wheels were spinning, but they arent, its impossible for a 97 neon dohc to spin in 2nd gear when going 70 km/h ... Im worrying about what the problem could be ... I dont know much about cars, but I guess the clutch or the transmission could cause that problem? or I missed completly? .. its a manual trans... Thanx for help!

posted by  Mrcho

if your car has a few miles (20k+) and someone was a clutch rider, your clutch is worn or oil leak into the cutch from the engine or trans will allow it to slip. take the pan covering the flywheel off under the the car (jack up and block up with good jack stands) and view if oily or if clutch material fall out. be sure to ware eye protection and do it with cool engine. or have a friendly shop view. if you work on any car use wheel blocks to prevent rolling or you will be part of the car!!

posted by  doug wong

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