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I was reversing and i swang out into a HONDA CIVIC 2001 SE GREEN. And caused a 6CM Scratch quite bad scratch and i broke my frnt right signal turn would anybody know how much a scratch like that would cost to fix? please help

posted by  Stack Bundles

Some guy nailed me about a month ago real hard because he slid on the ice. He offered to pay after I got an estimate. I got two, and the both averaged out to be $350 (Canadian dollars). This could have been more, but I have an aftermarket bumper on my 93 civic, so the damage was only external. I just kept the money and now i have a nasty scratch on my bumper. :ohcrap:

Good luck
Lee Pham

posted by  leepham

you could just say it wasn't you if they didn't see you or if they did see you still say it wasn't you and then run away

posted by  D4NDO

I hit a guy about two years ago. He got a tiny scratch and my whole front bumper came off. I had to pay him $200 for the scratch. It was about the size you were talking about.

posted by  SCMancini83

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