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Hi all, My 1995 chev sierra 350 sometimes won't start. It's either hit or miss. No coughing,nothing. Runs excellent when it starts. I had the plugs, rotar and wires changed, as well as the ignition module. If I leave it alone for a while (a couple of hours) and try it again it starts (sometimes). I often take the distributor cap off and clean the points as well as the rotor ends when it doesn't start and this usually works but this morning..... nothing. what the.... is happening?

posted by  chevsierra

so it does crank but won't fire? if your taking the cap off, never ever try cleaning the crap outa the terminals or cap itself, this will create more problems. go get a new cap and rotor, it's cheap and you will know for sure that this is not the problem. and if your getting good spark then start checking the fuel system. while running fuel pressure should be i think 9-13 psi depending on your truck,

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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