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morning all,

i have a 1993 Ford Fiesta 1.3, have had very few problems since I got it, at the moment every now and again the clutch makes a clicking sound, similar to the noise you sometimes get when riding a go-kart.

any ideas what the problem is?
cheers in advance


posted by  Bighill

It depends on where the noise is originating. Is the noise in the pedal area, or does it seem to be coming from the flywheel area?

posted by  cpprioli

it originates from the pedal, when i push the clutch in I can "feel" it click, if you know what i mean

posted by  Bighill

might be a burr on the pivot or debris in the reciever on the clutch master cylinder or on the pushrod. Get up under the dash and see if there is anything around the pedal and if it is clean and lubed at the pivot ( use a silicone lube so the rubber around it does not break down). :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

Knackered throwout bearing ?

posted by  Wally

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