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95 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2 litre Engine

Gas line seemed to be froze a week or so ago, Got gas, drove home, next day car woldnt start

Used dry gas and next day started fine but was bucking a little as if it were running out of gas but wasnt, figured it needed a fuel filter replacement

Now this time...I Fill with gas, go in to pay, come out, car wont start, turns over but will not start

So...We Changed the fuel filter, Checked fuel pump and that seems to be running ok (we can hear it running), Car Still wont start

Runs like a new car other than these problems recently, 71600 miles on the car, These are the only probs we have had with it so far

Any suggestions? My boyfriend works on older cars but this one he dont know much about to fix anything

Help please~!

posted by  cherry

the fuel pump may be running but not putting out enough pressure or volume, have a shop test the pressure. if you can get the car to do what it was doing b4(not running) always check for spark first, ive only been in the trade certified for 4 years now but ive yet to see a frozen fuel line, with the water monitoring systems on gas pumps these days it is very rare, unless you always drive on 5$ worth of gas in the tank, then you will get alot of moisture in the tank so keep it full.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

thanks for your reply, i appreciate it alot

the gas tank was 3/4 full when my bf stopped to fill it

strange thing was it was running fine til he shut it off to fill the tank

ill tell him what you said, thanks so much :wink2:

posted by  cherry

We changed the following and still no spark~!

Fuel Filter $10.00
Spark Plugs $5.00
Coils $70.00
Module (under coils) ignition modulator? $214.00~!
Towing $60.00

Still no spark~! :banghead: :cussing:

Help guys~! Anyone have any other suggestions?

posted by  cherry

You might try to check the timing and also crank sensor, it might be off.

posted by  Ashkiidine

replaced fuel filter, coil pack, spark plugs, module pack, crank shaft censor, checked wire harness under right wheel, still no spark!

this is a 95 cavalier, with a 2.2 litre engine, 4 door

turns over, lights and everything work, fuel pump is ok, wont start, no spark

ran out of ideas now, parts place cant give anymore ideas and dealer wont say much

Anyone else have any suggestions?

posted by  cherry

how did you check the harness?
check power and grounds going to module.

posted by  carlos

My brother is the mechanic doin the work on it, hes used to older cars, this is different for him workin on a 95

Id have to ask him to be sure just how he checked the harness really, all i know is he said he checked it and its ok

I would think he also checked the power and grounds to the module as he put a brand new module in too but i will ask him

Now a different parts place we called says it could also be the computer performance chip

im really getting tired of trips to get parts and spendin all this money and it still dont start tho uggggh this sucks

So tomorrow ill be ordering that as nobody has that in stock unless i find a dealer with one in stock its a dealer irm only so the parts store says

:banghead: uggggh i hate cars~!

Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions, keep em comin if ya think of anything else that might not let it spark~!

The car ran great up until this, So weird!

posted by  cherry

Has your brother used a timing light to see if he is getting a strong flash on all leads?

I would also be doing a compression test just incase any water has made the engine go hydraulic and bent some valves, thus loss of compression.

I suppose he has reset the ecu?

posted by  Wally

timing light? she has no spark whatsoever so would a timing light really help?
as far as compression i would try to get spark back first

posted by  carlos

I thought she was talking figuratively, otherwise why change all the other gear?

posted by  Wally

do you have spark at the end of any plug wire? i would suggest checking spark right from the coil towers(takes the plug wires out of the situation) also there should be a 20 amp ignition fuse in the fuse box. if this is blown you won't get any power to your control module. just some suggestions hope it helps GL

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

hey guys, thanks for all your replies

right now they have replaced everything but the computer, got another computer and it turned out to be the wrong one, seems they had 2 different computers for that year cavalier grrrrr...and yet they dont bother to mention that when your at the parts store asking for it right, GO FIGURE~! so then cuz of weekend we had to wait for the other to be ordered on monday so now we wont get it til like wednesday~!

the old computer is stamped refurbished~! so i guess the previous owner had same trouble~! they should make it law that you must document all problem cars and leave it in the glove compartment~! :cussing: :banghead:

thanks again guys and ill post back again once the car is running or if the computer didnt fix it

posted by  cherry

just wanted to let everyone know that it turned out to be a friggin little wire that didnt even cost a thing!

after replacing all those parts it was one little wire that had come apart! lol

i can laugh now but all those parts i bought arent returnable and the old parts were just fine lol

thats life tho huh! the guy/dealer we bought it fro finaly came out with somethin strange, he offered to buy the car back for a grand (much less than what we paid for it) pretending to give us a great deal of course and he would set us up with somethin nicer for just another grand added to it lol so my brother started aksin around about the guy and found hes runnin a chopshop typeof setup where he buys wrecks and makes a good car out of multiple wrecks and that this particular one had been wrecked in the front and they had changed alot in the front so my brother started checkin under everything and sure enough there he found the wire

down under where u normally wouldnt chekc i guess for that year car if u didnt know it was ever wrecked or whatever

so live n learn right! watch your wires guys!

posted by  cherry

hi cherry......am really wondering what this "little wire" was that your brother found....i have the same issue going on and shop is telling me it my head gasket ...i dont believe it..cause car runs smooth when it decides to start....please find out if he knows what wire he found unattached????

posted by  Toadopher

maybe the starter solenoid wire at the starter connections big cable and small wire power wire from the key switch

posted by  osborste

There Are So Many Wires Under A Modern Hood Its Amazing.
I Have Seen 40 Million Dollar Aircraft With Wiring Problems.
The Goofy Thing Is That These Problems Are Not Isolated Incidents."engineering"

posted by  the lobster

Hey im sorry i didnt reply.. i havent been back in awhile.. I could ask my brother if you still need me to, let me know ok? You can email me if i dont respond here! Just make sure the subject catches my attention so i dont delete it as junk mail! :wink2:

You can email me at... ch3rry at gmail.com just replace the at and spaces with an @ :mrgreen:

posted by  cherry

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